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Hi my name is Jen Lawson and I am a professional figure/bikini competitor and fitness model!

My career began in 2005 with fitness modeling which then led to the stage as a figure/bikini competitior. In 2006 I became a certified personal training specialist. I decided to take my knowledge and experiences to help others in reaching their personal goals. In my journey over the past 8 years I have made so many personal accomplishments from being featured in magazine layouts to placing top 5 in many of my competitions. Living this lifestyle has been wonderful and I have met so many wonderful people and new friends. There is no better experience than reaching your goals with your teamates and friends there by your side.

My site is designed to show you a little of my personal side, the goals I'm striving for, and also the great things I am achieving along the way in my love for the sport of fitness, and modeling.

I hope you enjoy my site and find it fun yet motivating as well!

Jen Lawson
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